BANK 500

BANK 500

From: The Desk Of Ken Coleman.

Dear Future Professional Punter, 

If you’re anything like I was then you’ve most likely been digging for gold in all the wrong places…. You’d probably have more fun flushing money down the sh*tter at this point.

I remember those days…but I sure as hell dont miss them!

If you’re reading this…YOU are in exactly the right place… at precisely the right time.

You’re not crazy in thinking that there’s some serious money to be made betting on horses

Truth is your bets could be making literally hundreds within the next few minutes just like mine are, and I’m about to show you exactly how to do it!

And how to keep doing it, over and over and over again!

No tech skills needed, no research, no hard work Anyone can hit £500 or more weekly with this.. EASILY!

Can it really be this simple? This quick? This painless?

Yes it can!

So let’s skip the 42 page long sales letter and cut straight to the chase.

You want to know what I know and I would love to have you as a member.

There’s a method I’ve developed which I like to call Bank 500,

If you spend any length of time betting on horses, you would be flat out insane to ignore this incredible resource.

before we go any further, I’ll tell you right now Bank 500 doesnt involve:

  • Risking it all on a few lay bets that look tempting (until one wins and blows your entire bank)
  • Playing the long game betting on small priced favourites
  • Having to deal with a string of painful losses whilst you wait patiently for that outsider to do the business
  • Doubling up on your next bet in the hope that the next one comes in and pays you what you just lost…
  • Trading, in play betting or anything else that requires you to be glued to your screen everyday

You and I both know how the above scenarios usually play out.

My method isn’t exactly straight forward….but thats where you get the advantage.

I’m doing all the hard work so you don’t have to. If you can open/read an email and follow instructions you’ll be £500 better off by the end of this week.

Follow my advice to the letter each week and the bank 500 method pays out real spendable cash like a broken slot machine

£1,976.94 profit over the last 30 days

£5,761.73 profit over the last 90 days

My approach to betting differs from the majority in many ways.

I have developed a strategy for picking winning bets and apply the most appropriate bet to the selection.

we adapt the method to the current seasons with the Jumps & AW racing underway there’s plently of opportunity right now.

I’m sure you’ve seen tipsters in the past where they place the same bet on every selection, they might be win bets, they might be each way bets but its always the same.

There’s no reason for this!

If we pick a selection with a big price why wouldn’t we go each way.

Picking a set number of bets each day is something thats never made sense to me and it’s not what we do here. We trust the process and let the selection method do it’s work, if we only get 2 selections that day then so be it. We don’t let set rules for no reason dictate our profits.

The days meetings, the types of races and line up on each card (among many other vairables) dictates how many bets we place each day and this approach has proven very profitable for us.

We do not bet every day, sorry! We respect the bank and never take any unnecessary risk.

The goal is £500 profit per week! if we get that after a single day and we have in the past, then that’s us done for the week.

We bet per day and work out profits at the end of each day so some weeks we end with over £1,000 profit.

Of course some weeks we don’t hit that target but 88% of weeks end in a profit, that means 12% of weeks end in a loss, but don’t worry, any weekly losses are capped too, this ensures long term profits even including the losses.

I don’t want you to just take my word for it, I get emails from my members every week. I’ll let you in on a little secret… reading emails like this everyday actually feels better than winning!

Here’s a handful of the most recent.