Profit Maximiser

Profit Maximiser
  • Some people will do anything to win.
  • For example, maybe you’ve heard the controversy surrounding the horse trainer who got himself banned from the sport in recent weeks..
  • Up until a few months ago, he was doing pretty well for himself.
  • In fact, during his 3 years at the paddock, he was responsible for a pretty remarkable string of victories!
  • But today, his winning legacy – and his very future in the sport – is now forever tarnished with last month’s scandalous discovery.
  • 11 of racing’s hottest fillies testing positive for steroids.
  • The case has spilled into the press as perhaps the biggest doping scandal in racing history.
  • Drawing outrage from the stable owner, racing fans, and making headlines around the globe!
  • As another trainer told the BBC recently, “Without a doubt … an unfair advantage is sought by using these drugs”.
  • Surely, this trainer knew the consequences of his actions.
  • What was he thinking??
  • Was it worth the risk to his future – and the integrity of the sport – to win … at any cost?
  • Everyone claims they would never cheat.
  • But let’s be honest with each other.
  • What if there were no way to get caught?
  • No consequences even if you did get caught?
  • Psychologists have proven that most of us – given the opportunity – wouldn’t bat an eye to gain an unfair advantage in a similar situation.
  • Wouldn’t you?
  • I know I would.
  • But unlike some people.

I don’t have to break the rules to beat the odds.

Hell, I beat ‘em every day. And when you hear what I have to share with you today,
you’ll realise that
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